Endorsing Partners

The Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business is a multidisciplinary centre specialising in analysing the law, policy and business implications of New Zealand’s superdiversity. The vision for the Institute is to enable Government, business and NGOs to maximise the benefits of the ‘diversity dividend’ arising from New Zealand’s transition to a superdiversity society through: 
  • Research and analysis of key superdiversity trends and challenges and how they affect particular aspects of New Zealand’s law, policy and business;  
  • Analysis of the changing strategic context for Government, business and NGOs as a result of key superdiversity trends;  
  • Advising Government, business and NGOs about changes to law, policy or strategy to adapt to a superdiverse environment, as well as developing recommendations for how law, policy and strategy should change; and 
  • Providing support to Government, business and NGOs as they transition to a superdiverse strategic context.

Chen Palmer was established over 25 years ago because its founders , Mai Chen and the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer, identified a need for expert public law advice to assist members of the public and businesses in their dealings with Government. The challenge of dealing with Government agencies, particularly at times of change or crisis, was daunting for those without a background in law and public policy, and difficult even for experienced lawyers to navigate. 
Chen Palmer specialises in regulatory requirements on business and organisations. They have a team of lawyers that specialise in public and administrative law, employment law, public law litigation, education law and government/parliament/law reform.